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Mysql error 1442 trigger

There doesn' t appear to be a way to use a trigger in MySQL that loops over all rows in a table when. This did the trick: delimiter / / CREATE TRIGGER trg_ update_ responders BEFORE UPDATE ON survey_ responders FOR EACH ROW BEGIN SET NEW. last_ modified = CURRENT_ TIMESTAMP( ) ; END; / /. Seems like I simply. MySQLでお互いのテーブルを更新するようなトリガを組んでいる場合、 片方のテーブル を更新しようとすると以下のエラーが出る。 ERROR 1442 ( HY000) : Can' t update table ' hoge' in stored function/ trigger because it is already used by. Error Code: 1442 Can' t update table ' employee' in stored function/ trigger because it is already used by. Solution: instead of AFTER UPDATE ON, make it a BEFORE UPDATE ON trigger, to set the new value for the field,. Yes, the error is self explanatory. You are trying to create a recursive trigger which is not supported in MySQL as can be seen in your posted code. Create Trigger reservation_ all after insert on Reservation for each row begin. You cannot refer to a table when updating it. / * my sql does not support this * / UPDATE tableName WHERE 1 = ( SELECT 1 FROM tableName).

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    Trigger error mysql

    From MySQL Docs: A trigger can access both old and new data in its own table. The symptom is, that you are running an UPDATE ( for all rows) inside a INSERT trigger - both modify the table, which is not allowed. That said, if I guess the intention of your trigger correctly, you do not want to update all rows,. Well, the reason of this error is that when you insert a record mysql locks the table. you can' t insert/ update/ delete rows of the same table where you insert. because then the trigger would called again and again. you can not update recently inserted row in table by trigger so, you have to use where clause with new NSTRAINT fk_ userbook FOREIGN KEY ( id) REFERENCES user ( id) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE. Then if you delete a user, all related books will be deleted as well, negating the necessity of a trigger.