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Tableau server 502 proxy error

Work with your IT team to troubleshoot and resolve issues with connectivity through proxy server. Sometimes it will come up reading differently as 502 – Service Temporarily Overloaded or even as HTTP Error 502 – Bad. When the 502 Bad Gateway error shows up it means that one server has received an invalid response from another. ワークブックを初めてロードした後にもう一度アクセスするときに、 次のエラーが 発生する場合があります。 Unknown Server Error ( 不明なサーバー エラー) An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to receive this error please contact your. The error was due to a proxy server denying Tableau Server access to local. When you try to open a view on Tableau Server, the view may take a long time to load, and then the following error might occur: Proxy Error The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. プロキシ エラープロキシ サーバーが、 アップストリーム サーバーから無効な応答を 受け取りました。 プロキシ サーバーがリクエストを処理できません. POST / vizql/ w/ < WORKBOOK> / v/ < VIEWNAME> / < OTHER- INFO> 理由: リモート サーバーから 読み取り中に. 502 Proxy Error - The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request. Reason: Error reading.

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    Tableau proxy server

    O servidor proxy recebeu uma resposta inválida de um servidor upstream. O servidor proxy não pôde completar a solicitação. POST / vizql/ w/ < PASTADETRABALHO> / v/ < NOMEDAEXIBIÇÃO> / < OUTRAS- INFOS>. Tableau Server was designed to operate inside a protected internal network. Do not set up Tableau Server directly on the internet or in a DMZ. Instead, communications between your network and the internet should be mediated using pending on your network set- up, it might well be that there' s no reason to even try to use any keepalive system ( is there a firewall between the app server and proxy which might be configured to drop sessions that are idle.