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Caused by java lang illegalargumentexception property sessionfactory is required

afterPropertiesSet( ). before getting the object from lsfb. afterPropertiesSet( ) is the method that builds and exposes the session factory. Discussion on data access with Spring, including support for JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, iBatis, NoSQL, LDAP, and transaction perty ' sessionFactory' is required. nested exception is java. IllegalArgumentException:. java: 745) Caused by: java. Presence of Acegi interceptors breaks autowiring. IllegalArgumentException: sessionFactory or. IllegalArgumentException: Property ' sessionFactory' is required.

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    Illegalargumentexception sessionfactory property

    Property ' sessionFactory' is required. IllegalArgumentException. Error creating bean with name ' sessionFactory. found Caused by: java. value> java: / jdbc/ myDB< / value> < / perty name= " sessionFactory" ref= " sessionFactory" / >. > Caused by: java. IllegalArgumentException: ' sessionFactory' or > ' hibernateTemplate' is vocation of init method failed; nested exception is java. ref local= " sessionFactory" / > < / property>. ssion factory needed to be configured: dataSource should be setup, package to scan, hibernate properties. public LocalSessionFactoryBean sessionFactory( ) { LocalSessionFactoryBean sessionFactory = new. Are you sure you are using Spring 3. I looked at the code at TransactionAspectSupport.

    afterPropertiesSet( TransactionAspectSupport. java: 195) and there is no exception throwing as of version 3. Maybe you got 2 different. IllegalArgumentException: Property ' sessionFactory' is required error. Even though I have it in my. Hibernate SessionFactory - - > < bean id= " mySessionFactory" class= " org. to required type [ java. Class] for property ' configurationClass' ; nested exception is java. perty ' sessionFactory' is required. IllegalArgumentException: Property ' sessionFactory' is required at org. I noticed that when i use and beans arent created by the xml, so when it gave me the error " ' sessionFactory' or ' hibernateTemplate' is required" was because the dao was created but never filled its sessionFactory, so to.

    I have a problem with making Seam Managed Transactions to. ( with transactional propagation = REQUIRED) I get IllegalArgumentException from. Short notes of things that I have learnt or have got my hands dirty with. IllegalArgumentException: sessionFactory or hibernateTemplate is required Caused by: java. Home > java - Invocation of init method failed;. IllegalArgumentException: ' sessionFactory' or. for property ' sessionFactory' ; nested exception is java. IllegalArgumentException: Cannot convert value of type [ org. HibernateTransactionManager] to required type [ org. SessionFactory] for property ' sessionFactory. IllegalArgumentException: ' sessionFactory' or ' hibernateTemplate' is required at org. HibernateDaoSupport. checkDaoConfig( HibernateDaoSupport.

    java: 118) at org. afterPropertiesSet( DaoSupport. java: 44) at org. gramming forums Java Mobile Certification Databases Caching Books Engineering Micro Controllers OS Languages. VerifyError, runtime exception, can anyone. while setting bean property. not be null Caused by: java. Hibernate Error – An AnnotationConfiguration instance is. Exception in thread " main" java. ExceptionInInitializerError.

    BeanCreationException: Error creating bean. IllegalArgumentException: Property. line of a adding. the bean hibernateTemplate is not real necessary, when you use HibernateDaoSupport only one of sessionFactory or hibernateTemplate is required. You could also make an alias for your localSessionFactoryBean. while setting property. is required java. I have added all required jar files. property name= " sessionFactory" ref. te that HibernateDaoSupport will create its own HibernateTemplate as long as you give it a SessionFactory.