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Exception in thread main java lang illegalargumentexception fromindex 1 toindex 0

public List< E> subList( int fromIndex, int toIndex) { return ( this instanceof RandomAccess? new RandomAccessSubList< E> ( this, fromIndex, toIndex) : new SubList< E> ( this, fromIndex, toIndex) ) ; }. like at the ArrayList' s impl, it is. Try changing: public int getLastId( ) { if( this. booksList = = null) { return - 1; } return this. getBookId( ) ; }. to: public int getLastId( ) { if( this. booksList = = null | | this. size( ) = = 0) { return - 1; }. Exception in thread " main" java. So when you ask for the first element in the array ( the element contained at index 0) the array says " I don' t have an element at index 0". In your case, the exception is java. length < 1) { throw new IllegalArgumentException( " Please provide an argument. public static void main( String[ ] args) { if ( args.

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    Thread lang fromindex

    up vote 1 down vote accepted. Is it just me or does the IllegalArgumentException show an extra space in your IP address: java. IllegalArgumentException: 192. trim( ) call to remove extra whitespace: Change. The bind value apparently refers to the selectionArgs for the selection, that you insert into query( ). If such a selectionArgs value is null, you get this. nextInt( top) at line: 44, youre passing 0 ( for that' s the value of the " top" variable ). nextInt( top) + 1;. before top has been assigned a meaningful value ( apart from the default 0 value ; random throws an exception since it needs. MunitRemoteRunner] Done Exception in thread " main" java.

    RuntimeException: java. IllegalArgumentException: fromIndex( 1) > toIndex( 0 ) at org. MunitSuiteRunner. ( MunitSuiteRunner. How to solve Illegal Argument Exception. Posted by: Sotirios- Efstathios Maneas in exceptions March 20th, Views. Finally, the IllegalArgumentException exists since the first version of Java ( 1. The following example indicates a sample usage of the IllegalArgumentException. dir1/ file1 Exception in thread " main" java. JVM Troubleshooting Guide. JUnit Tutorial for Unit Testing. Java Annotations Tutorial. Im gonna go on a guess here and say that if you have only one point ( or 0) on the points array, when you do. that equals 0 ( integer division) and then when you try to make a sublist from 0 to - 1 it throws that Exception.