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Runtime error 424 object required checkbox

AutoFilter = True. If you just want to toggle the display of the drop- down arrows in the relevant range, then. Solution: This code works for me: Sub main( ) If UserForm1. Value = True Then MsgBox " Checkbox is checked" End If End Sub. Explanation: The error appears because you did not specify which object ( in this case:. In your current code, VBA thinks tbl_ studies. fld_ studyID is a variable hence asking for an object. With your current code; ' " & tbl_ studies. fld_ studyID & " '. The " CLOSES the SQL statement, then your ampersand tbl_ studies or. Sub Tester( ) Dim isOn As Boolean With ActiveSheet ' Application. Caller = name of calling shape isOn = (. CheckBoxes( Application.

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    Required error checkbox

    CheckBoxes( " TabletUser" ). CheckBoxes( " WebUser" ). Caller is a String ( the name of the control) not an Object, and the checkbox doesn' t have a row property. You need to use: ActiveSheet. Shapes( Application. 424 Object Required making a label visible. I keep getting run time error: 424 Object required. What line is highlighted when the error is thrown? How would I implement a required checkbox in seems to me that this is what you want: Sub CheckBox1_ Click( ) Dim xRng As Range Set xRng = Selection If Worksheets( " Sheet2" ). CheckBoxes( " Check Box 1" ). Value = 1 Then xRng. Color = vbGreen Else xRng.

    There' s a UX ( user experience) issue here. Checkboxes are for when you need the user to pick one or more values. OptionButtons are for when you need the user to pick one of many mutually exclusive values. I have created a check box in VBA but whenever I try to run the below macro I am getting the following error: Run time Error 424, Object Required. This is the macro : Sub CheckBox3_ Click( ) If CheckBox3. Value = False Then. You have to set the range serverName using the " Set" keyword. Give this a try: Sub New_ contact_ info( ) dim serverName as Range set serverName = Cells. Range( " AS: AS" ) contactInfo = Application. WorksheetFunction.