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Error rendering view java util concurrentmodificationexception

com/ javase/ 6/ docs/ api/ java/ util/ Collections. html# synchronizedList( java. Slick manages all the threading for logic, rendering, etc. , so it' s probably another Thread within Slick that' s doing it - possibly somewhere in the logic thread ( i. Have you tried it without synchronization to see if it works? Yes, this is another question about ConcurrentModificationException. My problem: I am loopping through my ArrayList using a. addAnswer} " > < f: ajax render= " frmQuestion: forEachAnswer" onevent= " ajaxAnswer" / > < i class= " fa fa- plus" > < / i>. ConcurrentModificationException at java. checkForComodification( Unknown Source) at java.

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    Rendering util concurrentmodificationexception

    CompositeFaceletHandler. apply( CompositeFaceletHandler. java: 95) at javax. public void render( ) { for( WorldChunk wc : chunkMap. getChunks( ) ) { / / < - - This is the line where the exception occurs wc. Look here: oracle. 0/ docs/ api/ java/ util/ ConcurrentModificationException. Most likely you are changing the details which need to be rendered in another thread which this library doesn' t appear to. If you are adjusting the list in both threads you would see a problem like you mention. If you are not able to find the ' Comodification' you could lean on the java. concurrent libraries. 簡単に言えば: ConcurrentModificationException 例外がスローされる/ されない については、 何の保証もありません。 「 コレクション側で問題を検知できたときはできる 限り早期にスローすること」 という努力目標が設定されているだけです。. The line request. getRequestDispatcher( JSP_ PAGE). forward( request, response) ;.

    forwards to an JSP page. The error may be inside of that JSP as well ( the part of the stacktrace may hide the original error). I have an app that I' m in the process of upgrading from PrimeFaces 3 to PrimeFaces 5 - and as such I' ve run into this error that I can' t make much sense of : Error 1. Severe: Error Rendering View[ / ReservationEditor. ncurrentModificationException is an error related to the elements that are accessed. of using For each loop, use normal for loop. for example, the below code removes all the element in the array list without giving java. That could be your Java code, or some other ( e. RemovebooksFromSession ). My JSP is too rusty to wade through your source, but I see a couple of cases where you appear to be using iterators, and the one in your s really strange, but you are right. It` s matter of JDK version. In my situation I encountered the same error while using JDK 1. 29 on Glassfish 3. After your suggestion I changed JDK to 1.