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The status code 0 is not valid

This is apparently not a valid HTTP status code ( they should be three digits according to the official specification). ( BTW, I tried unplugging the network connection and got status code 17003 turn $ this- > redirect( $ this- > generateUrl( ' show_ admin_ panel' ), array( ' levels' = > $ levels) ) ;. I got this error: The HTTP status code " 1" is not valid. and if I use this: return $ this- > redirect( $ this- > generateUrl( ' show_ admin_ panel', array( ' levels'. A status code of 0 in an NSHTTPURLResponse object generally means there was no response, and can occur for various reasons. The server will never return a status of 0 as this is not a valid HTTP status code. In your case, you are. 401 Unauthorizedから引用します。 The 401 ( Unauthorized) status code indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource. Currently there is no redirect code being set. This is causing a redirect code of 0 to be stored in the database which causes a 500 error. InvalidArgumentException : The HTTP status code " 0" is not valid. Custom Login: The HTTP status code " 0" is not valid. Published 2 years ago by pcserve. I am programming a custom Login with Laravel 5.

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    Valid code status

    After loging in, it is checking, if the user already created a customer. If not, it should. Sorry If my post is not clear, this is my first time. Here is the error that show when i use this function Http status code 0 This is the code that I try to use for my shopping cart increase item and decrease item. I use in laravel 5. I try to put the code. I had a similar error message just now and managed to solve the problem by changing: res. status( statusCode) ;. to: if ( statusCode > = 100 & & statusCode < 600 ) res. status( statusCode) ; else res.

    The second parameter of the redirector' s to( ) method is the HTTP status code that will be returned by the response, not data that will be passed along. Passing data when redirecting to GET routes can be done either via the. I have large but simple join query for large data. If i print query result using dd( ) or var_ dump( ) i get result, but if i pass result data or redirect i get an exception which is. " The HTTP status code " 1" is not valid. " Here is action code: public function.