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Runtime error 424 vlookup

Dropping the WorksheetFunction allows you to test the return value for an error, instead of raising a run- time. Range( " B: D" ) individual = " D0" Range( " C10" ). Value = individual individualCap = Application. WorksheetFunction. VLookup( individual, subRange, 2, False) End Sub. share| improve this answer. answered Dec 9 ' 14 at 7: 51. Your current code asks the VLOOKUP function for an apprimate match. The data must be sorted in an ascending order for this to even remotely work. Use a variant- type to accept the returned value and get rid of the. You can' t select isbn because it is variant object, it doesn' t have that member. Try: Dim lookFor As Variant Dim rng As Range Dim isbn As Variant lookFor = Sheets( " AAP Dashboard" ). Also in the first part of If statement you are refering theGenderText, but ElseIf' s showing GenderText ( without " the" ).

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    Error runtime vlookup

    may be this is the reason for error. Also could you mention which line of code cause the error? Sub New_ contact_ info( ) dim serverName as Range set serverName = Cells. Range( " AS: AS" ) contactInfo = Application. VLookup( serverName, Worksheets( " All Active Assets" ). Range( " A: C" ), 3, False) Cells. Edit: The VLOOKUP will return an error if there is no value present in the first row of your table which matches the. Excel VBA マクロのエラー 424 「 オブジェクトが必要です。 」 の対処法を紹介します。 Variant 型にオブジェクトが代入されていないときに発生します。. 上のコードでは、 バリアント型で宣言した変数Targetに、 セルA1を格納しています。 いや 、 しているつもりです。 その後、 オブジェクト( ここではセルA1) が格納されたオブジェクト 変数としてValueプロパティを操作していますが、 そこでエラーになります。 オブジェクトを. In this video, Robert keeps getting a runtime error 424 with " Object Required" when he wants to do a vlookup with vba. Check out the hidden but simple soluti.