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Python mkdir windowserror error 5

So try run the script with system administrators privilege. To start a command prompt as an administrator. WindowsError: [ Error 5] Access is denied Launching Python can get into that. mode) File " C: \ Anaconda2\ lib\ os. py", line 157, in makedirs mkdir( name, mode) WindowsError: [ Error 5] Access is denied: ' c: \ \ Users\ \ admin'. Personally I don' t like running python in pycharm as I find it can cause errors. If the problem is caused by the mkdir, make sure your user has permissions on the parent folder, not just the folder its creating. You are right to be. A little googling reveals that this error is raised in various different contexts, but most of them have to do with permissions errors. The script may need to be run as administrator, or there may be another program open using one. This was due to the file permissions issue.

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    Python windowserror mkdir

    You need to have the permissions to perform that task on that file. To get the permissions associated with a file, use os. You can explicitly check the write permission for. my_ folder", ignore_ errors= True) # Create new folder os. Permissions might be the problem, but I had the same problem ' [ Error 5] Access is denied' on a os. rename( ) and a simple retry- loop was. Python rapidly creating and removing directories will cause WindowsError [ Error 5] intermittently. in _ _ init_ _ os. makedirs( path) File " C: \ Python27\ lib\ os. py", line 157, in makedirs mkdir( name, mode) WindowsError: [ Error 5] : '. However, even though the path I specify has not been created, the os. mkdir( path) raises an OSError that the path already. asked Sep 24 ' 13 at 5: 14.

    Greg' s code suppresses all OS errors; that' s unsafe just like except Exception is unsafe. job, hp) File " winprocess. py", line 37, in ErrCheckBool raise WinError( ) WindowsError [ error 5] Access is denied Exception TypeError: " ' NoneType' object is not. But when I run it from the python interactive console ( python 2. 6) it works fine. 在python交互环境下输入a= os. join( ' c: \ \ Users', ' abc' ) , 紧接着调用os. mkdir( a) , 然后就发现报错WindowError: : [ Error 5] : ' c: \ \ Users\ \ abc' 。 解决方案: 1、 重新打开 Python. exe并且以管理员身份运行, 重复输入上述代码, 发现文件.