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Microsoft vbscript runtime error subscript out of range ubound

You are attempting to loop through multiple arrays simultaneously using a single counter. You are setting the end of the j counter using the upper level of the arrModelTypeID array and then expecting the remaining and. Check out my much improved DFS Monitor with History script here: spiceworks. com/ scripts/ show/ 1536- dfs- monitor- with- history. Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Subscript out of range. creates an abomination : an array of no size that can' t be grown, because UBound fails: > > Dim aBomination( ) > > ub = UBound( aBomination) > > Error Number: 9 Error Description: Subscript out of range. The correct way to create a dynamic array with a size determined at run time ( e. 17, it cound be - 1 if you want to start with an. tokens = Split( Trim( re. ReadLine, " " ) ) ) If 1 = UBound( tokens) Then extension = Split( tokens( 0), ".

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    Error runtime ubound

    " ) If 1 = UBound( extension) Then strInputPath1 = ". " & tokens( 1) & ". parse error or just trailing stead of looking for position 1 in the array, which in this case does not exist, try taking the last position in the array, i. everything after the ' \ ' StringConvUN = tabConv( uBound( tabConv) ). share| improve this answer. Microsoft VBScript runtime error ' 800a0009' Subscript out of range: ' [ number: 0] '. UBound( ) returns the index of the last element in the array. ( Just goes to show: don' t expect MS to be consistent! The index is zero- based so if one element exists, it will be at index= 0, and index= 1 will be out- of- bounds. About the ' On Error Resume Next' thing, maybe it should stay there. Dim WrdArray Dim txtToSplit WrdArray = Split( txtToSplit, ", " ) For i = LBound( WrdArray) To UBound( WrdArray) strg. Dynamic array declarations are used when you need to increase the size of the array at runtime using the. Although the number shown in the parentheses is 10, all arrays in VBScript are zero- based, so this array actually contains 11 elements.

    Cnt = Ubound( arrKeyWords) ' ' ' instead of Cnt = Ubound( arrKeyWords) + 1. When you create the catSheets( ) array, it' s dimensionless. Therefore, you cannot use UBound( ) to determine the array' s upper boundary. You can certainly follow up a Dim ( ) with a ReDim if you want to specify an array size,. I recently inherited a website in ASP, which I am not familiar with. Yesterday, one of the pages began to throw an error: Microsoft VBScript runtime error ' 800a0009' Subscript out of range: ' i'. Visual Basic Q & A 掲示板へ] 総タイトル数 6060 総解決数 3011 総解決率 50% 総書き込み件数 26396 マルチラインテキストの最大行数. I' m trying to move my entire User folder in Vista to a non- system partition. To do so with a minimum hassle I' m following the directions provided at Ben' s Blog, specifically the vbs script he provi. The problem is in your ubound statement - - ubound without a dimension parameter will by default return the first dimension, but you' re iterating ( with i) on the second. In other words, your i is iterating from 0 to 10, not 0 to 3.