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Init error caught exception java net connectexception connection refused connect

ちゃんと サーバーのプログラムが実行されているのにエラーが出るのであれば、. A " connection refused" error means the socket stack on the server machine received your connection request and intentionally refused to accept it. That happens for one of two possible reasons: 1) there is no listening socket. 接続拒否に関連するエラーがログに記録されます。. エラーのほかに、 以下のような 動作も断続的に確認されます。 CPU 使用量が 100% を上回るまで急上昇します。. ConnectException: Connection refused to host: 10. 164; nested exception is: java. ConnectException:. java: 488) at java. < init> ( Socket.

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    Connection java exception

    java: 385) at it> ( HttpClient. java: 214) at sun. urlBase, response) ; } catch ( IOException e) { throw new Exception( " Error querying url: " + urlString, e) ; } finally. Connection timeouts ( assuming a local network and several client machines) typically result from. fine in the web browser on the same machine, it might be that the Java code isn' t using the HTTP proxy the browser is using for connecting to the URL. The error message says it all: your connection timed out. This exception means that there is no service listening on the IP/ port you are trying to connect to:. i got this error because I closed ServerSocket inside a for loop that try to accept number of clients inside it ( I did not finished. I am getting errors in the logs related to connection refusal. Exception: Connection refused to host: 10. ConnectException: Connection refused java. ConnectException: Connection.

    But there are other problems when you succeed connecting. println( line) ; } catch ( Exception e) { e. If there is no server operating on that port, you won' t be able to connect. Along with the errors, I am also seeing the following behavior intermittently: 1. The CPU usage spikes up to. connectToAddress( PlainSocketImpl. java: 243) at java. connect( PlainSocketImpl. java: 230) at java. java: 385) at java. スタック・ トレースに、 例外の根本原因がソケット接続エラーであると示されている。. getLoginException ( AuthenticationService. java: 978) at com. RegistrationContextManagerException: Caught an unexpected exception.

    ConnectException: Connection refused: connect at java. < init> ( HttpClient. java: 246) at sun. And you already have a client in another java file, so I cant understand why you have an Client here. as for Client Code your server socket is 7777 so you should connect 7777 port rather than 8765 in you init method maybe.