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Lua pcall get error message

the Lua interpreter. for example, to display an error message. As for the pcall function,. L, 1) ; if ( lua_ pcall( L, lua_ gettop( L) - 1, 0, 0)! = LUA_ OK) l_ message( progname, lua_ pushfstring( L, " error calling " LUA_ QL ( " print" ) " ( % s. Lua and error line number. When I call my Lua program with lua_ pcall and an error. That is the index to a Lua- function that will format the error- message to. The default lua_ pcall error handler ( as of Lua 5. 3) does nothing, letting the exception message remain on top of the stack. We would like to change this so we get a luaL_ traceback traceback in addition to the exception message on top of the stack on lua_ pcall stead, whenever an error occurs, Lua ends the current chunk and returns to the application. its argument is the error message. I don' t think that executing a Lua file using os. execute is a good idea.

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    Message pcall error

    It would work with proper shebang. not run in protected mode). It is a job of pcall to catch errors, if you do need to catch error you may use code like ually, error adds some information about the error position at the beginning of the message, if the message is a string. The level argument specifies how to get the error position. With level 1 ( the default), the error position is. I have a lua function which takes multiple parameters and returns as many values as there are parameters. Depending on your setup, the user will get a message with the last error, and a stack trace, or something along those lines. If " letting the program crash" is not an option, you can do the equivalent of surrounding it with a " try- catch" block by using the pcall function, and adding a. Return values from dostring. Question: How can I get the return value of the Lua chunk executed by lua_ dostring from the C side, i. like getting the result returned by the Lua dostring function? Get syntax error description from load( ) and runtime error description from pcall( ). form of function cmd_ fn( ), so we can try to execute it local ok, result_ or_ error = pcall( cmd_ fn) if ok then - - the code was executed successfully,. The problem was with some bit of my code i had completely overlooked, in it i had another LuaStackBalancer object that was created and its destructor was called when the error was thrown resulting in the loss of the error message. local a, b = pcall( x) print( a) - - > true print( b) - - > nil local a, b = pcall( _ G[ " Run" ] ) print( a) - - > false print( b) - - > [ string " function.

    yes it dose, but i want to be able to call Lua functions from C+ + and get error messages – khm Jun 20 ' 11 at 23: 29. When pcall returns its error message, it destroys part of the stack ( the part that went from it to the error point). Consequently, if we want a traceback, we must build it before pcall returns. To do that, Lua provides the xpcall. I was wondering whether it is possible to get more detailed error information from Lua. When pcall returns its error message,. LUA script - capture database query errors. How are you seeing the error message you included in the post? I just found that pcall function too. The pcall command The pcall command wraps a function call and catches any error that occurs during the function. The return values of pcall are either true, followed by the return values of the function, or false, followed by an error message. lua_ getglobal( L, " lFunction" ) ; lua_ pcall( L, 0, 0, 0) ;. To get your proper error message, get the value on the top of the stack and print it: Code:. These Internet instructions say nothing about doing a priming lua_ pcall( ), and if you do not do a priming lua_ pcall( ), you' ll get an error message something like this:.

    Extension: Scribunto/ Lua reference manual. pcall will return false and the error message raised. If no error occurs, pcall will return true and all values. Error Handling and Exceptions. run a piece of Lua code and to catch any error raised while. error and catch it with pcall. The error message identifies ing pcall to trap Lua errors. can be reformed to produce an error code. SafeSnap returns a numeric return code and an error : luaL_ dofile( ) : how do I get. There is no error message. loadfile and lua_ pcall, if there is an error on any of these. Have Error In Facebook Ios Lua - posted in Social Media: Lua Runtime Error: lua_ pcall failed with status: 6, error message is: com. My answer is: Why do you want to get something from an empty stack, when you know it is empty since. or an out of memory error, we wouldn' t want to be allocating more stack space for the error message would we?

    lua_ pcall failed with status: 2, error message is:? : 0: attempt to concatenate upvalue? ( a table value) - posted in General Questions/ Discussion: Hey everyone, Im trying to get my app to communicate with facebook, and having some problems. Need for Error Handling. we will get the following error output. the addition of error position information to the message. pcall and xpcall. ing finalized exceptions or How to get rid of all. insert( L, 1) ; if ( lua_ pcall( L, lua_ gettop. before returning the error message. pcall( ) Search on GitHub. The success boolean returned will always return true and thus you will not get the error message. Lua Documentation. If you don' t need to alter the error message from pcall lhf' s suggestion is best. Otherwise a solution is: local ret, data = pcall( the_ function ) assert( ret, type( data ) = = ' string' and " Error: ".

    or this one, which is a e lua_ pcall). Whenever an error occurs during Lua compilation or. ( such as printing an error message). Lua code can explicitly generate an error by calling. How to restore Runtime Error reports for your Lua code. - - This will get as far as 1, 2, 3 and then fail, and the final message is printed - - pcall( ShowNumbers. WoW Lua Contents[ show] This is the main reference for the World of Warcraft Lua Runtime. Throws an error with the given error message. We would like to change this so we get a luaL_ traceback traceback in addi. Here' s the actual Lua error strings thrown by error( ). catches the error using pcall( ),. if I do a pcall to funcB and capture the thrown error message,. such as printing an error message). Lua code can explicitly generate an error by. When you use xpcall or lua_ pcall, you may give a message handler to be.