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Error class interface or enum expected import java awt

app; import android. Activity; import android. Bundle; import android. Log; import android. Not really sure if you observed it or not, but your initComponents( ) method is outside the closing brace of the class DisplayPerson. Move it to inside the class and that particular error goes away. The simple solution, as other people have said, is to split your two public classes into two separate. That will solve both the error you' ve already encountered and another that you were going to encounter later. First, the code in question: package net. server; import at; import ay; import bi; import bj; import bl; import ck; import cw; import da; import dp; import ds; import dt; import dw; import ep; import fa; import fd; import fi; import fl; import ge; import ho. ソースには、 問題無いですが、 前提としてJavaでは、 クラス名は大文字からはじめる という暗黙のルールがあります。 ( 守っていなくてもコンパイルは出来ます).

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    Expected java interface

    なので、 以下 のようにした方が良いでしょう。 public class main { ↓ public class. class、 interfaceまたはenumがありません. というより、 onCreate( Bundle savedInstanceState) が2つあることのほうが問題があると思います。 { } の数は大丈夫 だと思ったのですが. どちらかのonCreateを消す、 引数変更、 名前を変更などを. public class DerivativeQuiz{ public static void derivativeQuiz( String args[ ] ) {. The above error is even possible when import statement is miss spelled. compiler will show " class, interface, or enum expected". Error: class, interface, enum expected. Console; public class TreeStory { } public static void. I haven' t gone through it line by line but you open and then immediately close your class after declaring it on the. Today, I am going to tell you about one such error, " class, interface, or enum expected".

    If you know how to use Eclipse or any other Java IDE, just copy- paste your code into IDE and it will tell you the exact location of error wich hint to means that at that point in the code, it expects you will be starting another class ( or interface or enum). the same thing for both( I think) and i only get an error for the net calculator, Ive been doing this all day and im losing concentration. heres my entire import/ declare statement?