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Runtime error 1004 method delete of object worksheet failed

Private Sub btnGetDevices_ Click( ) ' open every sheet after summary ' copy columns A, B, C, D, E, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, Q, V to summary Dim sh As Worksheet, shtsumm As Worksheet Dim copyrange As Range, arrExclude, rw As Range Dim lastRow As Long, i As Long, rng As Range Dim. Delete For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook. As discussed in comments, cannot select Sheets in VBA that are not active ( or Range objects on them). This error can also happen if you have loop working thru all of the worksheets in the workbook and there are hidden sheets. While I agree with the above, it is also important to note that the Delete function will not work if the worksheet' s visibility is currently set to xlSheetVeryHidden. The error in this line is because of the comma instead of the ampersand. Failure to skip over the Combined worksheet will a) copy its content on top of itself and b) delete the Combined worksheet. If ex - 1 ' - - Delete old data between ' Green' and ' Red' tabs For J = beginIdx To endIdx ' - - Set this to the relevant. Column ' - - Set the sheet range to delete old data leaving the headings intact If lRow > 2 Then Set Rng =. I found when the range I wanted to use not in the active sheet, then the error occurred. Active the sheet before you want to use range method in it, that fixed my issue. Here is my code: I wanted to assign a range to an array.

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    Error runtime delete

    コピーをワークシート プログラムを使用して、 Excel で実行時エラー 1004 問題について 説明します。 解決方法および回避. Method of ' Worksheet class failed. 新しいブックを作成し、 次に ワークシート 1 つを除いてすべてのワークシートを削除します。 ブックの書式を. その行を下記のように変更したらいかがでしょうか? ExcelBook. Worksheets( " Sheet1 " ). select 変数ExcelBookはWorkbookオブジェクトとして認識されていて、 Worksheetのオブジェクトが認識されていないのでは? This prevented simple sheet unhide actions through the normal user interface without giving any hint at the fact that workbook protection was set preventing structure. Error 1004: Method ' Visible' of object ' _ Worksheet' failed. I made a VBA program and now that everything is done I need to clean my workbook completely to run the program several times. For this I am using this code: Sub deleteWorksheets( ) Dim ws As Worksheet Application. DisplayAlerts = ntime Error 1004 : delete method of range class failed · excel vba excel- vba. I am trying to delete a sheet selected from a list box.

    The msgbox commands displaying the sheet names are correct but I seem to get an error which is as below: Runtime Error 1004: Delete. The problem is in the second to last line - there you use Delete method on Range object. – Michał Turczyn Nov 24.