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Mysql syntax error missing if

CASE expression WHEN condition1 THEN result1 WHEN condition2 THEN result2. WHEN conditionN THEN resultN ELSE result END. In your query the case statement is missing END. Achei a solução, apenas um ; depois do END IF - END IF;. MySQLWorkbench advise me that it miss ' end' to my first SET, but not for the second. I don' t know why. The error is " Syntax error : missing ' end' ". If i execute, SQL code error : 1064 – Romain Caron Jun 18 ' 15 at 13: 53. dont forget to change the default DELIMITER so the query won' t terminate at DECLARE bramek INT; DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS bramkiStracone; DELIMITER $ $ CREATE FUNCTION bramkiStracone( idDruzyny INT). END compound statement and must be at its start, before any other statements. SELECT ` column` ; IF done THEN LEAVE read_ loop; END IF; END LOOP; CLOSE column_ cursor; END/ / DELIMITER ;.

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    Mysql error syntax

    Okay, problem solved. First, I needed to use delimiters to avoid the error near end if;. For the next error, MySQL requires declare statements to be put next to the begin, thanks to this post I found the answer. I just changed the comment syntax from single quote to - -, and it worked:. CANT_ VENTA, COD_ DET_ VENT; - - valido que no sea el ultimo registro' IF @ hecho THEN LEAVE recorrido; END IF; - - Busco la cantidad actual del. Try like this: DROP procedure IF exists getQueueMessage; DELIMITER $ $ CREATE PROCEDURE ` getQueueMessage` ( msg varcharBEGIN SELECT ` Name` FROM queues WHERE Id IN. If using MySQL Workbench then Editor' s create trigger under table design options should be used to avoid changing delimiters before and after. share| improve this answer. answered May 16 at 6: 43. You may need to use the word THEN on the same line as the IF, and use END IF instead of BEGIN END blocks. IF < statement> THEN.

    See here for MySQL syntax. If you just use:. IF NOT EXISTS( SELECT * FROM.