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Mysql replication continue on error

May 29 09: 56: 08 http2 mysqld[ 1380] : : 56: 08 [ ERROR] Error running query, slave SQL thread aborted. Slave_ IO_ Running: と Slave_ SQL_ Running: が両方とも YES になっていると、 スレーブは問題なく動作していることになる。 しかしSlave_ IO_ RunningのみがNOに なっている。 どうしよう困った。 手順としてはレプリケーション側の情報を. You can ignore only the current error and continue the replication process. If the slave isn' t used for any writes other than the replication, the authors of High Performance MySQL recommend adding read_ only on the rmally MySQL replication will stop whenever there is an error running a query on the slave. This happens in order for us to be able to identify the. MySQL replication is nice, however it can happen that it stops because of an error, and restoring a working replication can be hard - you need to. If a statement produces the same error ( identical error code) on both the master and the slave, the error is logged, but replication continues. If a statement produces different errors on the master and the slave, the slave SQL thread terminates,. MySQL におけるレプリケーションエラーへの対処を社内向けに書いたものを 一部修正したものです; レプリケーションの仕組みに関してはココには書いてません. 必ず、 更新クエリを叩く前に master であるかを確認してから. This is useful for recovering from replication stops caused by a statement.

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    Continue mysql replication

    Otherwise, it produces an error. you use SET GLOBAL sql_ slave_ skip_ counter to skip events and the result is in the middle of a group, the slave continues to skip. There is another mechanism that you can use, which is the skip counter. You can skip the current transaction that the replication thread is hung on and continue. You can issue the following command in mysql to skip a.