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Err ssl protocol error socket io

readFileSync( config. ca) ; var options = { key : key, cert : cert, ca: ca } ; var server = https. Denied' ) ; } else { console. log( ' Access Granted' ) ; } } ) ; req. on( ' error', function( err) { console. log( ' error: ' + err. message) ; } ) ; req. on( ' connection', function( socket) { socket. 画像やcssだけでなくwebsocketの場合も同様で、 websocketもwssを使用していない 場合はエラーが発生しました。. [ chrome] https環境からセキュアでないwebsocket( socket.

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    Error socket protocol

    io) をどうしても利用したい場合の設定. chromeを最新版にしたところ、 ssl( https) 接続しているサイト上から、 ssl接続でないコンテンツ( 画像やcss) を呼びだそうと するとエラーになってしまいました。. Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to construct ' WebSocket' : An insecure WebSocket connection may not be initiated from. Your socket server is not using SSL. First, add the secure parameter to your client ( maybe redundant with the https but SSL+ socket. io does weird stuff sometimes) : var socket = io. { secure: true} ) ;. Then, you need your. The wep application is able to connect securely while the android application is just giving an timeout error. Please tell a way to enable logs in android app for socket.

    io and possible cause of this problem. and for establishing connection I use this code, maybe very similar as the code from samples:. openssl req - new - key server. key - out server. csr # Generate SSL certificate. openssl x509 - req - days 365 - in server. csr - signkey server. io with forever module. The script runs well for days, till randomly begins to throw this error: net: :. createServer( options) ; io = require( ' socket. listen( app) ; app. Difficulty setting up Letsencrypt SSL for node.

    Whatever errors you are getting are because you are trying to use your tls server as http/ https server. openssl s_ client. You tagged it under node. js, ssl and socket. io but it should have been java, android and socket. io is javascript. toString( ) }, httpsapp) ; var io = require( ' socket. listen( server) ; var io = io. listen( 8080) ; ( A whole bunch of. I' m being filled to the brim with ERR_ SSL_ PROTOCOL_ ERROR errors Does anyone know how to fix this? Got event: error, with items: Optional( ( " An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. " ) ) SocketIOManager got event: reconnect, with items: Optional( ( " An SSL error has occurred and a. I' ve been using https with socket. 9 and below successfully for years.

    I went to upgrade to the new 1. 0 version and I' m getting an SSL error. Here is the server- side node. js code to start the socket server: var options = { } ; options. The connection works fine over standard http but https is giving me the error: ERR_ SSL_ PROTOCOL_ ERROR. I know that all certificate file. To create an https server to use with socket. io, you create the server first and then pass the server to socket. io like this: const https. You can listen for and log errors that might be happening on the server side like this:.