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Excel vba ignore runtime error 9

but suddenly it goes on error " subcript out of range 9 ". i didn' t change anything but input data. Browse other questions tagged excel vba excel- vba runtime- error or ask your own question. excel VBA code to ignore an email attachment if missing from folder. NewBook is alreayd a workbook object so the correct way to do this assignment is like Set NewSheet = NewBook. Sheets( " Sheet1" ). The construct Workbooks( _ something_ ) takes a string argument, as the name of a workbook. You open a file named " Available_ list_ " & Year( Now( ) ) & Month( Now( ) ) & Day( Now( ) ) & ". txt" ( filename without path) but you try to reference the sheet by Year( Now( ) ) & Month( Now( ) ) & Day( Now( ) ) & ". txt" without Available_ list. I managed to bypass it one time by deleting then re- inserting the tab spaces at the front of the row. But I dont know why that worked and that success isnt repeating. Does anyone know how to solve the error that I' m receiving?

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    Runtime error ignore

    Your second Redim doesn' t work because what you' re doing is not possible. From: Excel VBA - How to Redim a 2D array? When Redimensioning multi- dimensional arrays, if you want to preserve your values, you can only. I have a problem in excel Vba when I try to run this code, I have an error of subscript out of range:. I can' t see how you can get an Error 9 on that line. Value ' I presume that this is just playing around so we' ll ' ignore these for the moment. I am currently working on a code that takes the date from the user, opens a calendar, sees if the month is present, and if it isn' t, creates a worksheet with that month name. The code looks like this where m_ y is a string, and has. The On Error construct exists for this kind of thing. It comes with various option: On Error Goto label. Once your code encounters this statement, it will jump to label: if an error occurs.

    It is useful if you need to do some error. You are getting that error because the " Activeworkbook" doesn' t have the sheet called " advertiserConversionReport_ 3045". Avoid using ActiveWorkbook. Create Objects and then work with them. You may want to see this link. If Workbooks( " Company_ List. UsedRange returns subscript out of range then there is either not a workbook named " Company_ List. xlms" in Workbooks or there is not a sheet named " Sheet1" in that.