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Java lang error illegal character

IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in query at index 80: zz. mu/ AppAndroid/ phps/ ConsultaHabilidad. sentencia= SELECT Nombre FROM. The Java SE platform tracks the Unicode Standard as it evolves. The precise version of Unicode used by a given release is specified in the documentation of the class Character. The javadoc for java. Character for SE8 says: Character. As Jim Garrison pointed out, you probably have a Byte Order Marker ( BOM) at the start of the file. Use an editor that can view all non- printable characters and remove it. Alternatively, you can use sed to remove it: sed ' 1s/ ^. The source file can be created using Notepad and saved as xx.

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    Illegal lang character

    java in the ANSI format. What Xie says is the correct answer, since the error is in the first line, where byte order mark is located. What I had to do. i am trying to read an excel file using java. while compiling the program i am getting error as illegal character. help me to fix this problem. here is the code import java. IOException; import java. IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in path at index 0: < contents> < portalarea > CA< / portalarea> < portalsubarea> Cath< / portalsubarea>. 1: error: illegal character? / / utf- 8 ^ one error found. なんということでしょう. 先日まで 動いていたプログラムがかわいそうなことになっています. . . . なんぞこのエラーは思っ たのですが, 不正な文字ですってのが1行目の0文字目にあった. You can tell the java compiler about this with its - encoding command line option.

    The path of least resistance is to. However after compiling I get an error " error: illegal character: ' \ u00bb' ". Solution : Start writing the code in. [ error] H: \ temp\ scala\ src\ main\ java\ Test. java: 3: エラー: この文字は、 エンコーディング MS932にマップできません [ error] / / 繝? [ info] Resolving org. scala- lang# scala- compiler; 2. [ error] H: \ temp\ scala\ src\ main\ scala\ Hello. scala: 1: illegal character ' \ ufeff' [ error]? object HelloWorld { [ error] ^. u200b is a " zero- width- space" in Unicode. You should delete line 12 ( the blank line), save the file, re- add the blank line and save again. using a simple text editor. If that doesn' t fix it delete lines as well and recreate.