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Runtime error 3021

Recordset Set rst = CurrentDb. OpenRecordset( " SELECT XValue, YValue, Wert FROM tb_ DCM_ Daten WHERE ( FzgID= " & Forms! frm_ solutionVerify that the workstation has the same version/ service pack level as the other workstations. Locate the target directory for the FRx32. exe, which launches FRx Designer. Hi, Can anybody help me, I' m getting a error message with the following code. The error message is RUN- TIME ERROR ' 3021' NO CURRENT RECORD. What I' m trying to d. Run- time error ' 3021' : Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record. I understand that it means that I' m trying to find a record that is not there, how ever that. Hi, Does anyone know how I can stop the above error happening? Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. But the problem is if without a record it will appear " Run- Time error ' 3021' : Either BOF and EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.

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    Runtime error

    After importing data into a table ( in the back end database) from an excel file, w/ TransferSpreadsheet comand, ( The import function is being called from within the front end db. ) counting records. But first please tell me why I can step though this code line by line without getting the Runtime error 3021 but if I try running it via F5 I get an immediate error. Error 3021 problems include computer crashes, freezes, and possible virus infection. Learn how to fix these Microsoft Excel runtime errors quickly and easily! This blog will help you in exploring the best resolution to fix MS Access errorno current record issue. But sometime the situation arises where Access starting displaying runtime error 3021 - “ No Current Record” each. I have written the bellow code, but i am getting an error at getIDKategori = rs! Public Function getIDKategori( ByVal nama As String) As Integer Dim rs As New ADODB. Recordset Set rs. ActiveConnection. My script work fine in access, but after i upgrade to access, i was unable to run the script. Before this i had fixed the application.

    filesearch problem in all n- time error 3021. No current record. Microsoft Access / VBA Forums on Bytes. This code was working fine but decided to stop working today. I keep receiving a Runtime Error ' 3021' : No Current Record when I click the name. slt tous le monde! quelqu' un peut m' aider? a chaque fois que j' entre le nom et le mot de passe utilisateur, il m' affiche une erreur: BOF ou EOF es égal à true ou l' enregistrement actuel a été supprimé. Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects. Hey guys im currently getting this error message.

    i' m currently using vb with oracle as backend. can u help me to sort out wat' s the prob can be tht error 3021 is coming. SOLVED] Run- time error ' 3021' No current record. Hi, I am building a recordset from an SQL table and keep getting error rte 3021, the problem i have is that when it does not find a record it seems to ignor the OnError statment, any ideas? I am getting a runtime error when I run the attached code. At line 8 I have a break and I am able to see that MyRecordset. GetRows contains the results of the query. Learn how to fix these Microsoft Access runtime errors quickly and easily! The first change I made is to test to make sure there are records - - if there are none, then don' t bother searching. If You do have records, then after the search you want to check to see if anything was found. I' m getting the infamous Run Time Error ' 3021', and am having no luck resolving the issue. I have browsed countless forums and tried many different solutions, but none of them have worked for me. Hey all, I have limited knowledge of Visual Basic and especially its use in Access, and I' m getting an odd error. Option Compare Database Private blpdatactrl As BBControl Sub. SQL Loop Error ' 3021'.

    Problem I' m running into is, if there is no data that fits my sorting criteria, I get an error message. Run- Time Error ' 3021'. This code has a few issues pointed out by and Ryan. You' re not reusing your Excel object, you' re re- dimming objects that should only be defined once, using a With that never gets referenced so it just adds to code. How do I Avoid Error 3021: No Current Record. You should play safe using NoMatch and EOF: Set rsQuery = dbs. OpenRecordset( " SELECT * FROM qrySccS2 WHERE PAYORNAME = ' Medicaid' AND OVERRIDECODESALL = 7", dbOpenDynaset) If rsQuery. Office VBA Reference Access VBA No current record. ( Error 3021) No current record. ( Error 3021) Table of contents +. Elements of Run- Time Error Handling.

    I have a 1 row table that I' m trying to read into a recordset using VB6, but when I try to access any of the fields in the record, I get a runtime error 3021 " No current record". I thought that when you use the Set Recordset. Error 3021: Either Eof Or Bof Is True. - Hi All Everytime I try to adapt this code that I received. - Free Excel ntime error 3021 Either BOF or EOF is true or the current record has been deleted. I get the above error message in the line marked with comment Error appear here. But when I try to delete another record I will encounter " Run time error 3021- no current record". I could not understand as the code look fines to me and there is data available. I would appreciate any help. I am sorry I can' t post my.

    I want to link the result of a query to a Textbox but I get this error: here is my code: Dim rst As DAO. OpenRecordset( " SELECT XValue, YValue, Wert FROM tb_ DCM_ Daten W. Since Monday, I am getting an error in POS ( I am running 1. 3 RMS) RUNTIME error 3021. Either BOF or EOF, or the current record has been deleted. If steps 1- 3 fail to fix error 3021, export your records to a GEDCOM file and then import the GEDCOM back into Legacy. If you use the SourceWriter to create. I' ve read through the other threads on this topic but they don' t seem to apply to my problem. Where do the Form 1065, schedule D, and K- 1 entries come from in Club Accounting? Why don' t my current members have K- 1 forms?