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Javascript referenceerror can t find variable require

Closed mg opened this Issue Nov 30, · 35 comments Comments. Assignees No one assigned Labels None yet. JavaScript - Uncaught Referenceerror: [ function] Is Not Defined. but I couldn' t find any. I can' t get any info from Firebug except that one line,. The ReferenceError object represents an error when a non- existent variable is referenced. The ReferenceError object. If you haven’ t previously confirmed. to call js function in obj- c. However, I use ' require' to import Web3js modules, it throws ' ReferenceError: Can' t find variable: require'.

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    Javascript require referenceerror

    I used Browserify to package all modules and then used webView to call the js functions. here is my js file, index. js " use strict" let Web3 = require( ' web3. and then use Broswerify to pack browserify index. · I am trying to use drab with webpack but i get error in drap. js Uncaught ReferenceError: require is. but I still can’ t find the. I had the same problem. Just install this node package and add this line to your Gruntfile and require should start working again. com/ cloudchen/ grunt. · Hi, how come this doesn' t work: var GameObjects = require( ". / GameObjects" ) Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined. Hi all, I' m trying to create a custom chart in a page. When trying to load a js file ( in assets, I have run bench build), I get: ReferenceError: Can' t ferenceError: Can' t find variable:.

    t find; jquery error; find variable; Home Node. js ReferenceError: Can' t find variable: require - JQuery error. 不知道为什么包这个错误, 有的时候初始化一个新项目也会报这个错误, 或者我小伙伴能跑, 我的就报这个错误, 然后他也许第. · JavaScript Errors and How to Fix Them. JavaScript can be a nightmare to debug:. the left- hand side contains something you can’ t assign to,. ReferenceError: Can' t find variable: _ _ gCrWeb とかいうエラー. Chrome iOS JavaScript Web. js ( 4) Sass ( 1). You need to load those dependencies in your document so they are available to be required.

    I suggest you to use a module/ dependency loader for the web like RequireJS. I' m getting error stating ReferenceError: Can' t find variable: require. javascript - Parse can' t find localStorage variable in React Native; ferenceError: Can' t find variable: require( line 1 in the generated bundle) : note. I have a question about using jasmine with Grunt. I keep getting an error, ReferenceError: Can' t find variable: require at whenever I run. I m a little confused. In my little project I m using Jasmine, Require. js, Phantomjs and Grunt ( all these via Yeoman). So when run I grunt t. Meteor: ReferenceError: require is not. However, I get an error ReferenceError: require is not defined. - - preserve- newlines If you can force Adobe Brackets. I will trying to give a comprehensive overview of the different techniques of checking- types in Javascript,.

    ReferenceError: Can' t find variable:. First off, I saw this post and it gave me more errors ( see bottom). I get these error: ReferenceError: Can' t find variable: require at test/ spec/ test. ReferenceError: require is. because CoffeeScript writes better javascript than you do. with a variable on a link that calls. Hi, When I use the new Require way, I get the message: " JavaScript ReferenceError: exports is not defined", when I save the project with th. javascript php python java. 2 报错Can' t find variable: _ _ weex_ require. m: 221, [ undefined: 545: 37] ReferenceError: Can' t find. Found the solution. overlooked the fact I included the requesthandle. html / client- side code. Thank you for your help Arpit Solanki! Seems your first remark included the solution: I was using it frontend by mistake.

    Questions: I have a question about using jasmine with Grunt. I keep getting an error, ReferenceError: Can’ t find variable: require at whenever I run my jasmine tests. test) may fail with this confusing exception: ReferenceError: Can' t find variable: cemerickdue to couple of. com/ cloudchen/ grunt- template- jasmine- requirejs jasmine: { js: { src: jsFiles,. 请教下为什么总过一段时间就会出现这个错误, 然后把工程重新init, 把代码拷贝到工程中, 又可以运行了。 困惑了好久实在不. Untitled JavaScript | 31 sec ago;. ReferenceError: Can' t find variable: appModel. js: 32Error: Load timeout for modules: listView. After looking at your source code I cannot find the source of the ReferenceError problem. Apparently someone more knowledgeable is needed ( or with a keener eye ; - ) ). RESOLVED] uncaught ReferenceError and I am confused. the variable simply doesn' t. Thus you hit your error on line 59 because testResult.