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Runtime error 13 type mismatch outlook vba

You just use the variable declaration to loop over all items in the Inbox. Since it is declared as MailItem, it. に databaseobject. OpenRecordset( source) を設定すると、 次のエラー メッセージ が表示されることがあります。 実行時エラー ' 13' : 型が一致しません. Pick any Recordset item, or type " Recordset. " Private Sub Form_ Load( ). You would get a type mismatch if Sheets( name). Cells( 4 + i, 57) contains a non- numeric value. You should validate the fields before you assume they are numbers and try to subtract from them. Also, you should enable Option Strict so you are. If you only want to process MailItem objects, check the Class property - all Outlook Object Model objects implement it. It will be olMail ( = 43) for the MailItem objects: If itm.

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    Mismatch runtime error

    Class = 43 Then ' olMail Set msg = itm. 13 is Type Mismatch, which is happening because olItem is defined as an Outlook. MailItem, but the mFolder. Items can contain OTHER things in it too ( such as Outlook. A quick change of your code could be:. I get an intermittent error when looping through the Outlook inbox using VBA. A type mismatch occurs on the Next objOutlookMesg line. Private Sub CheckInbox( strFolder As String, Title As String) Dim objOutlook As Outlook. Amount: " Headers( 12) = " Total Deposit Reported: " Headers( 13) = " Actual Total Deposits Received: " Headers( 14) = " Deposit Date: " Headers( 15) = " Deposit Source: " Headers( 16). Outlook VBA Runtime error 13 Type mis match. Sub test( ) Dim arrFolderNames As Variant.

    Open in new window. I am trying to debug this code as this is giving an error " Run time error 13 type mismatch on the below has worked correctly for a long time across multiple machines, but when I changed machines it suddenly started throwing a run- time error 13 type mismatch on on the CreateItemFromTemplate method in the following section. The check above is sufficient MsgBox ( " Type mismatch: object s/ b MailItem and is " & TypeName( item) ) GoTo NextdblLoop End If Set objitem = item CheckEmailForErrorReports ( objitem) Set objitem = Nothing End If Set item. Sub TestDraft2( recip As String, subj As String) Dim olApp As Outlook. Application Dim NS As Outlook. Namespace Dim folder As Outlook. MAPIFolder Dim OlMail As Outlook. mailitem Set OlApp = CreateObject( " Outlook.